About Us

Hi, we are Alec and Tabea!

We met in my native Germany, which served as Alec’s home-base throughout his deployment in the Army Engineer’s Corp. We married in Ronneburg Castle in Germany and eventually moved to Kentucky to establish Sunny Wolf Farm. My training as a car mechatronic serves me well to keep our farm equipment running smoothly and Alec can often be seen working on 18th century reproductions of Native American Art at the market booth.

pasture raised

Sunny Wolf Farm, is small, very diverse and located in northern Rockcastle County. Our focus is pasture raised meat, mainly pork and chicken.

We are breeding and raising Berkshire Pigs, a heritage breed renowned for its flavor. We have been maintaining and building a small breeding herd for the last four years and are proud to say that every pig we sell has been sired, born and raised on our farm.

We are raising chicken breeds well adapted to pasture and foraging, Rainbow Rangers and Black Broilers. They grow a little slower but have a wonderful flavor.

Another one of our specialties are duck eggs, they are rich in flavor, creamy and a delicious alternative to chicken eggs.

We also have little goat herd to keep our brush under control.

And last but not least, we tap maple trees on our farm and produce and sell small amounts of homemade Kentucky Maple Syrup as long as supplies last.

All the animals on our Farm live on and have constant access to pasture and woods. They are supplemented with non-gmo grains from a Kentucky food mill. We are constantly working on enriching our pastures by planting nutritional food plants and trees to diversify our animals and our nutrition.

We are striving to be as sustainable as possible and operate under permaculture principles. Our top priority is always the well being of our animals and providing them with the environment they need to grow and act according to their nature.

We love to provide our community with local quality food!