Where are you located?

In northern Rockcastle County, Kentucky.

Where do you sell your products?

  • In Berea, KY at the Berea Farmers Market at 101 Fee Street from 10AM-1PM every Saturday from November through March and at 416 Chestnut Street from 9AM-1PM from April through October.

  • In Richmond, KY at the Madison County Farmers Market at the “old Richmond Mall” at 830 Eastern Bypass from 9AM-1PM every Saturday.

For more information, visit their websites:

Can we visit your farm?

Sure, give us a call and we can pick a day together.

Purchasing Products

How can I buy your products?

You can conveniently order your products in our online shop - pay online or at pick up - and receive them at one of our farmers market locations or group pick-up spots. Or you can come visit us at the farmers market and ask us about our products first hand. Our products are available by the cut or as CSA shares.

In order to have your items ready for pickup on Saturday, please place your online order by 2 p.m. on Friday.

How do I know how much my cuts will weigh?

Because we are not running a factory farm producing identical animals (that’s why you love us!), when you order a cut of meat from us, you will have the choice of different approximate weights. So for instance, a small bone-in pork chop is about .8 pounds and a medium chop is about 1 pound. When you select a size, please know that your chop will be as close to that size as we can possibly make it, but could be plus or minus 0.1 pounds.

Many of our products like ground meat and link sausages are packaged by exact weight and that is indicated on the order page.

What is a CSA?

CSA is short for Community Supported Agriculture. Essentially you buy a share of our upcoming production and receive part of it over the timeframe agreed, usually 6 months. This gives you priority access to fresh and healthy food, helps us cover the significant up-front cost of raising our animals and processing, and very importantly allows to plan ahead and run our farm in a sustainable manner.

Where do we pick up the products we buy?

You can choose your pick up location during check out. At the moment our options are the Berea Farmers Market and the Madison County Farmers Market in Richmond, KY. 

We are also happy to make deliveries for a group purchase, if you know of several parties in your area interested to purchase our products give us a call.

Do you ship?

Not at this time.

Our Animals

What do you feed your animals

Our animals eat the forage they find on our pastures and are supplemented with certified non-GMO feed from Bagdad Roller Mills or Burkman Feeds - both local Kentucky Mills.

Raised on pasture

Our animals have 24/7, year-round access to pasture. They can forage, dig, scratch, roll and run anytime they feel the urge. We are proud to say that all our pigs are born, bred, and raised on our farm. Ask us any question you have, we love to talk about how we raise them.

What animal breeds do you raise

We breed and raise Berkshire pigs. They are a heritage breed and renowned for their flavor. The chicken breeds we raise are called Freedom Ranger and Black Broiler, they are well suited to forage and grow a lot slower than the conventional broiler breed - both enable the development of remarkable flavor.