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Whole Hog Packages

full and half size packages


Purchase a whole hog package and you will receive 1” bone-in chops, bacon, ribs, boneless roasts, sausage and/or ground pork, and linked sausage. You can also have these optional cuts (included in price): soup bones, fat, liver, heart, kidney, pig feet, head.

whole hog package | $751

35 lbs Bone-In Chops 1”
12 lbs Bacon
8 lbs Ribs
12 lbs Boneless Roasts
32 lbs Sausage or Ground
12 lbs Linked Sausages

Also included - but you have the option to pass once added to you cart:

2bags of soup bones
Liver, Heart and Kidney
2 Trotters
1 Head

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half hog package | $380

17.5 lbs Bone-In Chops 1”
6 lbs Bacon
4 lbs Ribs
6 lbs Boneless Roasts
16 lbs Sausage or Ground
6 lbs Linked Sausages

Ask about the extra goodies if you are interested, we will see what we can do!

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